Team NJ During Practice Sessions at Cando Fitness

Pictures in the first slide show were taken 2/20/10 and those in the second slide show were taken on 1/9/2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Trip to Nationals

On Saturday we travelled all day on the plane. On Sunday we found the pool and did my warm-ups. The water was warm. The Opening Ceremony was on Monday. It was fun and we watched a movie. My first event was the 50YD Freestyle and I set a personal record with a time 41.68. Wednesday I finished first in the 50YD Backstroke. The 200 medley relay I swam with Daisy, Chris, and Joe. We got Gold. Thursday, I swam in the 4X25YD freestyle Relay with Joe, Tracy, and Katherine and we got a 5th place medal. Also, I swam in the 50YD freestyle and took gold. Friday in the finals for the 50YD Backstroke I got a gold medal and we had a party after the Closing Ceremony.

Friday, July 16, 2010

tomorrow is my trip to nationals

Iam very happy to go Nationals,but I am sad to leave my friends at Gold Gym.
I do not like to get up at 5:00 n the morning.but I am very excited to go.
I will miss you mom and dad.
I am very excited to see my sister at Nationals

Monday, July 12, 2010

Traveling to Lincoln, NE

I just found out I am taking a bus from Special Olympics New Jersey in Lawrenceville. I will be riding with my friend, Tracy and her parents. I will be swimming in four events in Lincoln: 50 yard backstroke, 50 yard freestyle, 200 yard medley relay and 100 yard freestyle relay.

Last Swim Practice at Cando Fitness

Today was the last team practice. Next Saturday, we leave for Lincoln. Coach Karen asked me to swim the 200 meter freestyle. I was really tired when I finished practice. I was so sore, I didn't swim on Monday. I am really excited about the trip. Can't wait until Saturday comes.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Uniform Fittings

6-30-10 and 7-1-10
I went to Special Olympics in Lawrenceville, NJ to try on my uniform. We will wear shorts and polo shirts for the opening ceremony. We also have green warm up suits and swim suits. The swimsuits didn't come in until 7/1/10 so I had to come back to try on my swimsuit which did fit. I am getting excited about my trip on July 17th.

One more team practice to go... July 10th at Cando Fitness!

Swim Practice at Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health and Wellness

Now that the summer games are over, all of my regular swim practices are over except team practices. So, now I am swimming with my Dad and Mom, almost every day. I swim 15 to 20 laps each day so that I stay in shape.

The Summer Games- Day 2 of Competition

Today, I swam in the 50 meter backstroke. I won a silver metal. We won a GOLD metal in the 200 meter freestyle relay. It was very exciting. I am tired from the busy weekend and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed instead of the dorm bed at The College of New Jersey.